Entrepreneurs who have a great business idea and have started a company need to keep a keen watch over where they spend their money. This includes variable costs (e.g., sales commission, raw materials, and packaging) and fixed costs (property rental, company car instalments, etc.). Some of these decisions are easy to make while others require you to do your research and make comparisons. For example, the decision to rent or purchase a business property is usually an obvious one for a start-up.

Initially, you need to have the cash flow to keep the company up and running and start making profits before looking at big investments like commercial property. 

When setting up your key performance indicators, you need to know what the norms are in your industry. For starters, what are the key metrics that are measured by successful companies in this sector? What is recommended as the ideal target to know that you are performing? If you are below the industry level on financial indicators, you need to drill down to find out why and determine what you can do to reduce those costs.

If you utilize these essential startup cost cutting tips, you will start to see a robust cash flow and steadily increasing profit. 

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