It’s the first official day of CES and our team has already located dozens of the coolest new gadgets, features, and weird concept cars that probably will never see the light of day.

MeetKai’s room-rendering tech.

Knock knock, who’s there? Blond people!

Still on the Amazon tip, Ring is bringing back the Peephole Cam. Why get up from the couch?

Image Credits: Ossia

Image Credits: AXS Technologies

Image Credits: FluentPet

EcoFlow Blade. Image Credit: EcoFlow

300 frames in this gif and in not one of them does the car look good.

I tried to dismiss this but BMW’s CEO Oliver Zipse said it “cannot be simply dismissed as science fiction because it will inspire our Neue Klasse.” Touché, Oliver.

That’s all as of now, but our tireless reporters will churn out content for you well into the Las Vegas night.

Today at CES: Baby wearables, texts from dogs, and E-Ink cars by Devin Coldewey originally published on TechCrunch