The hype around the text-to-image models like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion is definitely worth it. Using diffusion models and some using GANs, AI art generators are bringing people’s thoughts put into words into creative and artistic images. You can never get bored of trying these out!
Here is a list of text-to-image and image-to-image art generators (paid and free) to try!
This text-to-art generator creates artwork with a prompt and multiple style options like portrait, nightcafe, voyage, etc. 
The website offers two types of AI generated art: 
This image generator has been around since 2016 and is completely free to use. The quality of the output images is lagging behind its competitors as it still uses GANs for creating images.
DeepAI allows for API integration which is useful for connecting the generator to another software project.
With a logo similar to Adobe Photoshop, Photosonic art generator supports a whole bunch of styles and requires credits to create every single art. Most of the images generated turn out to be a little cartoonish.
It allows two types of art generation:
Though it is not free like most in this list, Jasper Art is an all in one easy to use tool for art generation. Jasper Art comes after the much-renowned Jasper AI for writing assistance. 
After signing up, users can enter prompts, select style for the dropdown list, mood, keywords for guiding, and more to create the most desirable art. It is also supported in multiple languages.
Fotor GoArt focuses on the NFT aspect of the art generation field. It does not support text-to-image generation but only image-to-image generation. After generation, the model also adds a watermark on the image. It also has the ability to remove background from the image.
With over 10,000 templates to choose from, this generator allows users to upload their photos on the website, convert them into the desired artistic style, and export the NFT to start selling into marketplaces. 
Created by Google Developer, Alexander Mordvintsev, this is one of the fastest art generators of our list. Just like Fotor GoArt, Deep Dream Generator is only an image-to-image art generator that has thousands of artistic styles to choose from.
There are three tools available to try on the website:
With the main focus on enhancing image quality using AI, Artbreeder can create multiple versions of a single image into different art forms. Users can create landscapes, portraits, and even anime figures. It is a combination of text-to-art and art editor, making it one of the more unique platforms.
The platform does not require users to sign-up and you can start creating right off the bat by typing in prompt or uploading images.
Unlike other platforms in this list, Big Sleep requires a knowledge of Python coding to generate art. It is for technically skilled artists and offers a repository on GitHub to generate realistic AI images.
Since it’s an open source project, you can integrate the API into your existing projects; it is also fairly easy for a new developer to experiment with.
This is another AI art generator for turning ideas into NFT art. Unlike others on the list, this is a mobile application that users can try for free on Android as well as iOS devices. The best part about StarryAI is that it is completely free—making it best for AI based NFT art generation.
After downloading the app on your phone, you will receive 5 credits to start creating art without needing to sign-up or adding payment information.
Apart from just simple image generation, this tool also allows for creation of animations and editing videos. Using RunwayML features, editors can remove background from a video without using a green screen. You can also create 3D models on the platform.
The software is free to use for a month with limited features and allows for collaborations with other editors on the same project.
This website offers a bunch of tools like NFT creation, graphics creation, and more using features like ratio and scale customisation. It works on a credit system as well, so users have to sign up and do several tasks to earn credits to create images. It can also be bought for personal and commercial use.
Public creations are available anonymously on the website and paid users can make their creations private. The tool is also API embeddable so it can be used on different projects but requires payment.
Another smartphone-based application that can generate artwork within seconds, dream by wombo is one of the latest models. It gives stylistic options for image generation along with a prompt. You can scroll through their website to see previously generated art by other users and also join the community on discord.
Wombo has previously developed a lip-syncing app and a ‘Wombot’ on discord that is an AI creating funny art using AI.
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