Composing a thread on Twitter can be challenging as you need to separate the whole text into 280-character chunks. However, the company now seems to be working on a solution to turn long-form text into a thread automatically.

As she explained in a reply to a user (aka me), Twitter wants to reduce the friction of creating threads. Currently, users need to hit the + button to add a tweet to a thread and post the next set of 280 characters — which can be very annoying when you are trying out a thought or pasting info from another document.

I guess the point is to reduce the friction so the user no longer need to tap that (+) button at every 280 characters

In the last few hours, a few folks pointed out difficulties in posting and reading threads that have more than a few tweets — the one in focus was an 82-tweet-long thread on the fallen cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Musk replied to these tweets saying that the team is working on making thread writing easier.

Ability to do long tweets coming soon

Literally working on that tonight

I'm sure that people who use this feature appreciate the ability to select what each tweet starts and ends with. This sounds like it does away with that in the name of simplicity.

This is another engineering solution to what is not an engineering problem, it's an editorial one.

Twitter is working on a feature to divide long text into a thread automatically by Ivan Mehta originally published on TechCrunch