September 27, 2022
Lucy Ngige
Vendease is on a mission to be ‘Africa’s Amazon for food vendors‘  by automating food supply. The realization that Africa’s food markets have their own intrinsic challenges led the startup to create an elaborate food procurement platform that it claims saves restaurants man-hours and offers them stable market prices.
Vendease first launched as an e-marketplace directly linking restaurants and food businesses to farms and food manufacturers.  The team went on to add various channels to provide a comprehensive sourcing platform for these food businesses.
These include a user inventory management and invoicing system, logistics services both in tandem with third-party providers and with Vendease drivers for deliveries within 24 hours, as well as a credit offering to its users under a buy-now-pay-later system.
The 2020-founded startup, which is a Y Combinator alumnus, now claims to serve over 3,000 food businesses, farms, and merchants in eight cities in Nigeria and Ghana.