It’s Sunday morning as I write this, and my weeklong adventure at Fincon 2022 in Orlando has come to an end. I’m exhausted.

As has become customary, I didn’t actually attend any workshops or keynotes or breakout sessions here at Fincon. Instead, I spent the entire week connecting with friends:

Because I didn’t attend any sessions at Fincon, I didn’t actually learn much about business. That said, I did learn lots from the conversations I had with friends. For you folks out there who like to read, let me give you a tip that I found eye-opening.

For me, this is an amazing tool. It’s like a missing link to my workflow, and I’ve enjoyed using it for the past six days.

Here’s the thing: Readwise can grab Instapaper highlights too! This is huge for me. I probably do two hours of web reading per day. I probably highlight about two passages per article. I love that Readwise can grab those highlights and store them, then send me a daily “tickle” email to remind me of my favorite passages. Such a great tool.

Update: I just learned that Readwise can add highlights from “supplemental books”. This is so much more powerful than it sounds. The app allows you to search for any popular book and import popular highlights from other users. Take Atomic Habits, for instance. I still haven’t read this book, so I have no highlights. But I told Readwise to add it as a “supplemental book”, and now I have James Clear quotes in my pool of inspiration.

Other interesting bits I’m taking home with me:

Now I begin my day-long journey home to Corvallis. I used to hate long travel days like this, but I’ve learned a secret. I treat them as work days. In fact, travel days have become my best work days. I put on my headphones, crank up the Taylor Swift, put my head down, and write. It’s awesome.

Coming soon: stories about my new Mazda Miata, an update to my progress through Designing Your Life, and some thoughts on the difference between problems and dilemmas. Take care!

p.s. Thanks to all of those who have emailed reader stories and/or questions. I appreciate it. I’ll probably be replying to many of you today during my flight home.