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“A legendary hero is usually the founder of something—the founder of a new age, the founder of a new religion, the founder of a new city, the founder of a new way of life. In order to found something new, one has to leave the old and go on a quest of the seed idea, a germinal idea that will have the potential of bringing forth that new thing.”

— Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces


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Product Development

We specialise in creation of website and mobile app minimum viable products for startups. This entails domain name, website hosting ,development and app listing. Our approach ensures agile development where we save on time and related costs.

Customer Development

We help startups efficiently run through the customer development process to choose the ideal business model and create best value. This process involves continuous testing and iteration in partnership with founders.

Finance and Buyouts

We help startups seek suitable financing to enhance their growth. Our approach helps startups with tools, resources and opportunities to seek financing related to debt, grants and equity. We also facilitate selling of startup businesses,


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We take pride in starting and growing startups. amazing startups. Our focus is to ensure that you build a scalable, repeatable and profitable business model.

Knowledge Base

We have a startup knowledge bank full of actionable startup advice to help you better transform your business. get powered by relevant startup advice.

Smart Startup Tools

Get access to smart startup devlopment tools that help you in the customer development process. Enhace customer discovery, customer validation, customer creation and company building.

Ready Businesses

We have a portfolio of existing startups open for partnership,investment and acquisition operating within the market. These tech startups have an existing minimum viable product or existing clients.


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Startup Ecosystem Solutions

We strive to building a startup ecosystem that supports developement, funding, growth and value of startups.

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We provide a variety of tools and solutions for startups that are bound to transform your startup business. 

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