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Our History

Finahost Online Solutions was founded by Joseph Muongi; an entrepreneur based in Kenya. The firm was started to solve early stage problems faced by startups in relation to product development, customer development, financing and lasting company success. Joseph has served as a director and shareholder at Walters Trading Co. Ltd (commercial truck transporter), Walter Builders Co. Ltd (Real Estate Development Firm), Online Advisors Insurance Agency Ltd (Licensed Indipendent Insurance Intermediary), Finatrack Global Ltd (Licensed application service provider for GPS tracking solutions) and Zaidi Insurance and Technology (Supplier of internet of things solutions for insurance companies). He was featured in the top 40 under 40 men in Kenya for the year 2018 by KPMG & Businesss Daily Africa. He was one of the winners of the MbeleNaBiz Business Plan Grant by The World Bank in 2021. He’s activly involved in working with other startup founders to build amazing companies.

Our values

Be Innovative

We look for innovative ways to solve problems through startups. We quickly put our innovative hypothesis to the test and iterate until we get a product market fit.

Great Teamwork

Teamwork is the center peace of success. We work with passionate entrepreneurs and support staff who take pride in the success of all our ventures and undertakings.

Think Bigger

We believe in pushing the barriers of conventional thinking. This is one of the attributes that enables creation of scalable startups with great impact.

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Our mission

Our mission entails the creation of a support platform for startups which will enable efficient product development,customer development, financing and successful company formation. We plan on doing this through provision of necessary tools, startup support teams and related partners. We will also take an active role in provision of resources and investment in startups.

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He help you transform your startup idea to a business. Get a web or mobile within no time to start interacting with your clients. Build on feedback to add to or replace some of your earlier assumptions. Grow your startup and seek ideal financing to support growth.